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Seaworthiness and comfort

The shape of the stern provides room for a spacious cockpit, typical of professional vessels; the waves have no drag on the stern and do not affect the behavior of the vessel, whatever the heading, into or against the sea, the longitudinal and horizontal position is always ideal. Seaworthiness and a high degree of comfort during rapid or slow passages, or while fishing. The interiors are handsomely finished, fitted with fine marine paneling. The engines offer generous but not excessive power for more balanced weight and reduction of costs, greater autonomy and economy of use.

Transversal stability and reduced roll

Stability in slow motion is one of the rarest advantages of cruising vessels, which are particularly sensitive to wave oscillation and displacement. The double prow in the bottom and unusually large stabilizers: on board, even at slow speed, it is possible to use both hands to manage the prey when hooked, holding the rod securely and reeling it in without the fear of being flung into the sea. The waves break easily on the stern while the flaps reduce the roll. Vincenzo Catarsi Mare vessels respond promptly in rough seas, with the waves coming from the prow and sides.

Route stability

Having several lines in the water facilitates maintenance of the route: the helmsman will always be able to control the direction while the automatic pilot will not upset the feedback. Route stability also means never being at the whim of wind and current: a hull with ample centerboard - even if that detracts from the pickup speed – will always be more governable. Those who have navigated with a Calafuria know its fabled reliability, that has contributed to the great success of the range. Strong points: great gives of seaworthiness and the ability to navigate safely.

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