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The Calafuria and Tripesce tradition looks at

Our values

Our values


Based on advanced technical knowledge and the all-Italian charm of Calafuria and Tripesce


Thanks to skillful use of materials and solutions with the added value of being “Made in Italy”


Accompanying nautical development with attention to the environment and love for the sea


New energy for the seafaring world of the future

About us


Vincenzo Catarsi Mare: Tradition and Innovation

Vincenzo Catarsi Mare S.r.l., with headquarters in San Pietro in Palazzi, near Cecina, in the province of Leghorn, operates in the nautical sector – one of the sectors in which Italian production excels, particularly in Tuscany - in the shipbuilding industry. Specifically, the company designs, builds, outfits and sells pleasure craft as well as working vessels, in addition to performing repairs and general shipyard activities.

Reorganized in January 2004, thanks to the interest of a group of Bolognese investors traditionally connected with the nautical sector, the company was able to bring new life to one of the most valued and renowned productions in the Italian and Tuscan nautical sector.

The production of Vincenzo Catarsi Mare srl, strictly made in Italy, is a skilled continuation of the most traditional style of the Calafuria fishing vessel. The hull, uniquely for the nautical world, is distinguished for its excellent marine quality and seaworthiness.

Vincenzo Catarsi Mare srl also continues the work of another prestigious Tuscan trademark: Tripesce, which stands out as Calafuria for its exceptional qualities of safety and stability.

Models in production:

  • Calafuria Professional and Fishing Boat: Calafuria 8 Ormeggiatori, Calafuria 10 Barcaioli, Calafuria 10 Ormeggiatori, Calafuria 10 Pesca & Diving, Calafuria 10 Sorrento, Calafuria Pilot Boat 13,50 m, 11T Pilot IPS, 11T Pilot Linea d'asse.
  • Tripesce Professional and Fishing Boat:Tripesce Hippy 20, Tripesce Hippy 23, Tripesce Hippy 30, Tripesce TR 32, Tripesce TR 35.
  • Pleasure boats: Calafuria 6 Gozzo; Calafuria 7.50 Gozzo; Calafuria FF; Calafuria Furioso 11 S.F. (Lft 11,50 m); Calafuria 13.50 S.F. (Lft 13,70); Calafuria Spartivento.

At the head of the team

Filippo Di Bonito

Filippo Di Bonito

Sole Managing Director

Decades of experience in the shipyard and at sea, with passion.

Anna Storari

Anna Storari

Administrative Management

Constant attention to management and quality for a reliable shipyard.